FRIENDS IN PHOTO AND BEYOND: (my lovely wife’s blog, mostly food, lotsa good photography) (Dennis has helped me a ton with editing my work, writing a bio for me, giving me honest critiques, but the main reason to check out this blog is that its awesome. Great writer, great photographer. Thx for your help Dennis!) (Jeff helped a great deal, not only with this site, but listening to my BS and helping me edit, thx dood) (Eric Kim – great street tog, his blog site is the source of great info and his workshops are awesome) (Rinzi is a great LA area Streettog, runs a mean workshop and is a good dood) (Bellamy Hunt – he finds and sells amazing cameras in Japan – you need it, he’ll find it. He’s a great streettog, co-ran a great workshop with Rinzi and is a top dood) (Nick Adams – great photographer and SUPER knowledgeable) (Taurino Tadeo – he calls himself a “bird nerd” and a nature photographer and his nature shots are insane, but this guy is never without a camera. He shoots it all and does it all very well). (Andrew Stanbridge – amazing work … I’m proud to say that Andrew’s work graces the walls of my home (as does Taurino’s) top notch bourbon man too) (Dave Naz – great erotic photographer and all around cool dood.) (Todd Hatakeyama – streettog and LA gallery owner) (Chris Camargo – streettog – we took Eric Kim’s workshop together in Oct 2011) (Elizabeth Wang-Lee – streettog) (David Valera – streettog – we took Eric Kim’s workshop together in Oct 2011) (Jason Yee – streettog – we took Eric Kim’s workshop together in Oct 2011) (Jordan Dunn – streettog, lightroom teacher) (Erin Xavier – streettog) (Marq Linden – streettog) (Norman Vincent – street tog)

PHOTO RELATED: (Edward Colver – Great punk rock images – some of my favs!) (Jenny Lens – Great early LA punk rock and more) (great, thorough, amazing photo related product reviews) (Scott Bourne) (I listen to the TWIP podcast regularly) (Thomas Leuthard, street photographer that inspires me) (Scott Kelby – great instruction info) (I love Charlie Kirk’s street photography)


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